Jumbo taxi and wagon taxi service to/from Tokyo International Cruise Terminal!

東京クルーズ1 | 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで

Spring is the season that heralds the beginning of a new journey. In particular, the Bahamian-flagged Amadea, formerly Asuka, arrived at the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal in March 2023. A cruise from the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal is one of the best options at this time of year when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Just recently, the "Verissima," a cruise liner, arrived at the Port of Tokyo for the first time.

The problem many travelers face, however, is getting around. Not only do they want to get to and from the airport, they also want to get to the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal in comfort and style. That is why we recommend the services of JumboTaxy.com.

東京クルーズ1 | 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで
東京クルーズ2 | 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで

JumboTaxy.com operates jumbo taxis and wagon taxis services mainly in Tokyo and Saitama, offering port transfer services in addition to airport transfer services. JumboTaxy.com is the perfect choice for those seeking a comfortable and reliable transportation service, especially for departures and arrivals from the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal. Through a wide variety of vehicle options in jumbo taxis and wagon taxis, we can meet the needs of all types of travelers, from individual travelers to large families, groups, and corporations.

The appeal of JumboTaxy.com's transportation service lies in the fact that we do more than just transport you. At JumboTaxy.com, our professional drivers provide safe and comfortable travel assistance. In addition, our large vehicles are spacious and can easily accommodate large luggage. Every detail has been taken care of so that you do not feel tired after a long journey.

If you are planning a ship trip from the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal for the spring travel season, we at JumboTaxy.com invite you to take advantage of our port transfer service. We support your trip not only with airport transfers at Narita Airport and Haneda Airport, but also with port transfers. Our comfortable jumbo taxis and wagon taxis will help you start your trip from the heart.

東京クルーズ3 | 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで
東京クルーズ4 | 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで

Reservations are easy and can be made through the "Contact Us" form or by making a single phone call for a quote. Advance reservations guarantee smooth pickup and transfer. And with our transparent fee structure, you will never have to worry about unexpected additional charges. Begin and end your wonderful trip at the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal in comfort and style with JumboTaxy.com. Why not take the first step with us under the cherry blossoms of spring to make your new travel memories beautiful and colorful?

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