Confirmation of Payment Methods, Cancellation Policy and Additional Fees

支払方法の確認とキャンセルと追加料金 | 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで (Heiwa Kanko Corp.) (hereinafter referred to as "this site") )'s cancellation policy and additional charges.

  1. Cancellation Policy
    Cancellation fee will be 20% if canceled 7 days in advance, 50% if canceled 48 hours in advance, and 100% if canceled 24 hours in advance.

  2. Additional Fees
    Toll roads, highways, facility entrance fees, and parking fees are to be borne at actual cost, with additional fees for extensions if necessary.

  3. Extension Fees
    Add 3220 yen for every 0.5 hours. Payment must be made in cash or by credit card on the day of the event.
(1) Bank transfer (advance lump-sum payment)

Please transfer the money to the account of the Japanese financial institution designated by (Heiwa Kanko Corp.) by the due date.

(2) Credit card (advance lump-sum payment)

We accept the following brands We will send you a web link to your e-mail address for credit card payment with the fare. Click on the link and fill in the required information to make the payment. The credit card payment web link connects directly to the credit card processing company, so you can rest assured that we cannot obtain your credit card information illegally.

visa | 5名以上乗れるジャンボタクシーとワゴンで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで
master | 5名以上乗れるジャンボタクシーとワゴンで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで
ジェイ・シー・ビー・JCB | 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで
アメリカン エキスプレス・AMEX | 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで
ダイナース クラブ・Diners Club | 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで
  • uses both Japanese and overseas credit card payment processing companies, depending on the brand. This is for the convenience of our users, as has many users not only in Japan but also outside of Japan.
  • Visa/ Master Card of uses a Japanese payment agency.
  • JCB/ AMERICAN EXPRESS/ Diners Club INTERNATIONAL of uses an overseas payment agency.
  • Please make sure that the credit card holder is the user himself/herself.
  • In the event that the credit card company requests an investigation of the store usage, this agreement will be used as proof of usage.
About Overseas Credit Card Payment Agencies
  • The name of the credit card payment agency customer center will be displayed on the credit card company's statement and the name of the store where the credit card was used.
  • Since the payment is made via overseas (countries other than Japan), the name of the country (SINGAPORE, HONGKONG, etc.) may appear on the statement.
  • The currency for credit card payments is Japanese yen.
  • Depending on the contract between the credit card holder and the card issuer, there may be an overseas administration fee or automatic revolving payments. Please check the agreement with your credit card company.
  • If you have any questions about the details of your credit card transaction or the possibility of fraudulent use, please contact the customer center of the credit card payment agency indicated in the billing name on your credit card statement. The contact information for the credit card payment processing company can be found in the email notification or on the credit card statement.
  • If your credit card statement shows a contact number in Japan before or after the name of the merchant or credit card processing company (*1), please contact that number directly.
  • (*1) When the name of the store you are using is displayed as "ABC0570-***-***" etc. (The 0570-***-*** part is the phone number.)

For, the following applies, the following is taken from the JCB website

FYI from JCB | 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで
クレジットカード決済のフローチャート | 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで

You will receive a payment completion notification to your e-mail address.

決済確認通知 | 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで
結婚式の移動はJUMBOTAXY.COM | 5名以上乗れるジャンボタクシーとワゴンで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで
ゴルフ送迎| 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで
tour_planner | 5人以上乗れるジャンボタクシーとワゴンで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで
運転手付きのハイヤーサービス | 5人以上乗れるジャンボタクシーとワゴンで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで

Operates taxi and chauffeured car services in Sakura-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
Click here for the Heiwa Kanko Corp. taxi crew (driver) recruiting website.

株式会社 平和観光のタクシー乗務員募集広告 | 1名から5名以上、9人まで乗れるジャンボタクシー・ワゴンタクシーで東京・埼玉から日本全国や空港まで